Metabillionaire's museum

METABILLIONAIRE represents a collection of 7,777 unique billionaires, categorized by rarity level and generated by hundreds of elements. Their mission is to bring together METABILLIONAIRES from around the world to connect, learn, grow and give to each other. All of their assets will be usable in METAVERSE, with their first stop being TheSandBox to create their first HQ that will host holders of their NFT collection.Their METAVERSE HQ will serve as a venue for virtual business meetings, events, concerts and other social interactions.The value it will bring to all their stakeholders will be endless.Their HQ is built on a 3x3 in TheSandBox.

Metabillionaire's NBA stadium

This experience will include a museum to view the rarest NFT METABILLIONAIRES, a tennis and NBA stadium to create cohesion between each of the holders and a huge villa consisting of a luxury garage and a huge pool overlooking the entire METABILLIONAIRES HQ, this villa will be able to host events, games, meetings or even concerts to entertain all of the holders! In the center of the HQ is a splendid METABILLIONAIRE status !

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