Feumble is a game developed on Fornite créatif 2.0 in which two teams of 4 players face off against each other in an epic, merciless battle.


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Fortnite, developed by Epic Games and launched in 2017, has transformed the landscape of online gaming, particularly with its renowned free-to-play Battle Royale mode, alongside other diverse game modes. It stands out with its unique blend of shooting, building, and survival elements. Players gather materials to construct structures like walls and ramps for defense or navigation, a feature distinguishing Fortnite from other shooters. The game is constantly evolving, with regular updates introducing new weapons, items, and gameplay mechanics. Epic Games keeps the community engaged through live events and collaborations with major franchises such as Marvel and Star Wars.

Although Fortnite is free, it generates revenue through the sale of in-game cosmetics like character skins, emotes, and battle passes, which offer no competitive advantage but are popular for character customization. Its impact extends beyond gaming, influencing music, movies, and celebrities, and introducing novel ways of virtual social interaction, including virtual concerts and community events. Fortnite is more than just a shooter game; it's an ever-evolving interactive entertainment platform that blends gaming, creativity, and culture in a dynamic virtual universe.